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Frequently Asking Questions?

Live streaming is the perfect way for your church to reach a much larger audience. It’s also ideal for engaging members who can’t always make it to weekly services.

Of course, if you’re trying to attract new visitors, letting them experience your services online before attending is a good way to help them see if your church is the right fit.

Live video is immediate, authentic and interactive, and at a time when we can’t meet in person, it’s ideal for maintaining a sense of community with your church. Viewers are able to comment, ask questions and reply to the host in real-time. 

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is a great tool for bringing people together, including your church members.

Social media platforms let your church connect with members 24/7 and meet new people, who could eventually become new members. The key is using the right platforms.

While there are numerous social networks, many of which you’ve probably never heard of, a choice few have thriving communities and are ideal for getting your church noticed online.

We have worked with churches/Ministries as small as 25 members and as big as 1 Lakh members.  There’s no size church or non-profit that’s too big or too small.

Simple answer here – YES.  If you’re a christian non-profit organization that has spread of the gospel at the core of your beliefs and you’re looking to reach people in your community then we’re a good fit.


However, we need a single-point-of-contact who can coordinate with us. The person who is assigned as a single-point-of-contact need not have experience or expertise in marketing. The only requirement is that they have a clear understanding of your business offering, processes and operations

Yes, In today’s world. It is necessary to have a website.

A website allows them to explore serving opportunities at church, connect with their congregation and community, forward helpful information to others, and more.

If you include valuable information such as community bulletins, event calendars, volunteer sign-up forms, blog posts, podcasts, recorded sermons, social media links, etc. on your church’s website, you provide great opportunities for members of your congregation to stay well-informed and active in what is happening at your church, as well as events and programs your church is sponsoring or organizing.

The pattern of the church meeting together has been disrupted for the last 2,000 years, whether it’s from persecution or from pestilence, and although the church may have to function differently for a time, the mission of the church remains unchanged; the tools and environments may differ to our usual methods, but we must continue to care for the vulnerable, share the message of Jesus, and be a light on a hill in this ever-changing situation.

Yes, We are providing Media and IT related services.

The answer to this question will depend on the type of service, duration, amount of work, etc.


Yes, We are providing Media and IT related services.