Digital Supply Chain

Our Digital Supply Chain represents a broad, deep, and complete service that joins business process management from “plan to deliver,” with DBN’s best-in-class cloud-based solutions – including analytics and insights, real-time visibility, benchmarking, interactions, and maturity assessments, digital transformation, and change management.

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Why choose DBN for your Digital Supply Chain services?

Touchless Supply Chain Planning

putting your customers at the very center of our solution, opening your channels to new, innovative business models that can lead to increased revenue, profitability, and working capital, as well as enhanced customer satisfaction moves your business away from a “plan-source-make-deliver” model.

Order Management

from the time an order is placed until it is fulfilled can involve many and complex processes and have many dependencies. Managing this requires an intensity of attention that is ideally suited to automation and benefits greatly from real-time analytics.

Master Data Management

at a time when businesses risk drowning in a vast ocean of data, our Master Data Management solution brings together information from key supply chain entities such as raw and packing material, promotional assets, engineering stores, finished goods, manufacturing assets. 

Supply Chain Analytics

most companies strive to understand their supply chain from beginning to end. They know that the easy identification of stock-keeping units (SKU), the determination of the right safety stock levels, and the ability to predict market dynamics can bring competitive advantage and cost control

Why choose us?

We are a bootstrapped company that understands the needs of our clients and helps them grow.

Transparent Process

We involve you in every stage of the app development journey so that you can take better decisions.

Milestone Payments

A flexible milestone payment system enables you to pay at the time of each release, which we deliver every 15 days.

Reliable Quality

We deliver 100% qualified products which pass several quality checks and rigorous testing

Built by experts

Your product will be crafted by experts who are veterans in their specific domains.